Latest news:  Candengo acquired by Airangel, the leading UK Hospitality and Leisure WiFi and HSIA solution provider.

On 9th August 2012 Candengo was acquired by Airangel Limited and our staff and product offering were welcomed into their ranks. This is great news, as the full resources of Airangel are now working on making Caprica and the Candengo Gateway and HotSpot platform the very best it can be.

For more information on Airangel please head on over to their website at : or contact either David Riches (ex Candengo MD, now Airangel Head of Product Development) or Dean Wilkinson (Airangel Managing Director) on the numbers listed in the contact us page

Caprica WiFi Management

Candengo, The WiFi HotSpot solution from Airangel.

Candengo is the leading managed WiFi and HotSpot solution for the leisure, retail and commercial sectors.  

Whether you want to provide WiFi  over a shopping centre, campsite, caravan park, marina or hotel or just provide WiFi HotSpot services at a small venue such as a pub, restaurant or cafe you must do so in a legally compliant manner – and we’re here to help.

Our range of WiFi HotSpot solutions include simple, plug and play, self install HotSpots for venues such as pubs, B&Bs, conference and staff rooms, right up to quad radio, mesh solutions spanning hundreds of acres.  We can also provide Wireless CCTV solutions the wireless networks to further leverage your investment in Wireless Technology.

Whatever your WiFi requirements, from 1,000,000 footfall per month shopping centres to a 2 bedroom B&B, we’ll provide you with good, honest advice and value for money pricing.

Don’t fall foul of the Law.
Many WiFi HotSpot solutions do not allow you to capture the information required to ensure you do not fall foul of the forthcoming Digital Rights Bill, which could result in a hefty fine of upto £50,000 if your customers or staff download copyrighted material.  We are pleased to say that our HotSpot solutions are fully compliant and provide the level of detail required to ensure you have no unexpected legal battles.

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