And another one bites the dust…

LEISURE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LIMITED , Listed on companies house as ‘In Liquidation’ leaving many customer without wifi provision.  We’ve been told some of you are receiving calls from other providers – we too can get you back up and running.

Candengo are a leading provider of WiFi services – we specialise in long range, external solutions for campsites, caravan parks, show grounds , although thats not to say we dont have world class solutions for smaller establishments such as housing associations, hotels, bars and the like.

We do things different – we’ve long written about the pitfalls of doing wifi wrong, or companies that work with a bad business model which is why our network is 100% owned outright, managed in house by our own engineers, our systems are coded by ourselves. We’re here to stay due to our business model mitigating risk – we don’t try to compete on deals that don’t stack up.  We declined to quote on a very large hotel chain a few weeks ago for that very reason and expect to see them come back once their deal goes pear shaped too.

Take a look at some of our clients showing on the right hand side of the screen.  Check out our customers reviews of our service on FreeIndex.

So – We’re financially stable.  We’re experts at Campsite and Caravan Park wifi solution.  And best of all, we’re here to help you get back up and running.

If you were let down by LEISURE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LIMITED please contact Candengo on 01953 880 433.

To check on the status of LEISURE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LIMITED please visit the companies house website here: http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/afb6dc6734eff3ffa162744c769e4237/insolvency

Please note that Candengo are in no way associated with LEISURE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LIMITED and our information is gleaned from emails and companies house website.

Update:  After speaking to the Insolvency Practitioners it appears the assets,contracts etc have been purchased by a third party.

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Bad WiFi installation can cause you all sorts of problems

Oh dear!  Oh Dear!

As some of you who read our blogs may know, we’ve been installing WiFi at 9 holiday parks over the last 3 weeks.  On our epic wifi tour, we checked into a hotel in Cardiff (A BIG hotel chain) and purchased access for their wifi network.

Note:  We have screen shots to include in this post, but can’t upload them yet due to the poor wifi installation at the hotel – we’ll upload them in the next day or so.

Our first criticism was the cost, its very annoying having to pay for wifi when we’ve been installing free wifi access for our clients.

However, our biggest concern, is this:

Upon connecting to the wifi network, we could access every other user laptop and device on the network.  There was NO port isolation, and no Client Isolation.  A Fischer price toy Wifi HotSpot would of been more secure.   Within 5 minutes of finding this out, I had managed to connect to a colleagues laptop (with his permission) and uploaded a file onto his laptop.  Extremely poor security form a company that states this on their website:

Rock-Solid Security

This system is not secure.  Its very dangerous. The provider has no idea what they are talking about, yet provide many of the UK’s hotels.

How can this be addressed?  Client isolation needs to be set on the access points, and managed L2 switches need to be installed with Port isolation to stop access points communicating with each other.  Heck, Give us a call and we’ll tell you how to do it.

Secondly. was the speed.  Normal internet latency is around 50ms, yet the hotel wifi solution was only able to offer 620ms , with a download rate of 0.4mb. Very, very poor, yet their website states this:

***** are specialists in the provision of business wireless networks.

To continue on the network infrastructure, which is key in an install like this  , we read this on their website:

****** (name changed to protect the incompetent) offer advice on what type of network switch will best meet your requirements.

Ok, so why didn’t you install port isolating switches to secure the network?  Lastly, was the subnet mask used – this was a large hotel, and yet the provider used a /24 subnet mask allowing just 253 clients onto the network, which is too low for a 200 room hotel when you consider many users will have a phone, laptop and maybe a tablet device. A /23 should be a minimum which allows twice as many.  Note: every device that connects to a wifi network uses an address, regardless of whether they actually connect to the internet.

So come on, don’t pick a WiFi provider or WiFi installer based on their past installation history alone (which is how companies such as this get work) , rather, pick one that actually understands the security implications, customer issues and network technologies.  There’s a reason why we don’t offer other services – we’re the wifi experts.

Do it right.  Give Candengo a call on 01953 880 433.



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Garreg Goch Caravan Park switches to Candengo OpenWiFi solution for FREE wifi access

Candengo have just finished a wifi install for Garreg Goch caravan park – but this one had a twist.  WiFi was already available on site, however, the support the site received, coupled with the intermittent and poor coverage caused problems, so it was time to rip it out and replace it.

Our first order of the day was to carry out a full site survey using our survey mapping software, to map out and display a heat map of the current wifi installation, the results of which were a real eye opener – hardly any of the site had a signal below -70db, which was why connections were flaky.  Furthermore, there was extensive areas with a signal below -80db which effectively results in no connection.

Now we had a benchmark, we retired the existing single access point (dual 8db omnis) and replaced with a cluster of 3 10db sector based access points, running on channels 2,7,12 (due to the neighbouring site using 1,6,11).

Why 3 separate channels and not just one? Well, we wanted to reduce any self induced interference and the close proximity of the access points to each other would of caused problems.

These were wired back to a Candengo AirController Internet gateway which handles the client logins, logging,content filtering – it also polls the access points every 10 minutes and raises alerts (sms and email) should an error occur.

Installation took around 5 hours, and the final site survey of the day showed signals covering every inch of the park,with no signal dropping below -63db.  Full Audit reports were sent to the client showing before and after results.

To get a well installed, fast, reliable and supported wifi solution for your site please get in touch with Candengo on 01953 880 433.

We’ve been on the road now for just over 2 weeks, this being the 4th site on our epic wifi installation roadtrip.  We’re off to Kennexstone, Gower tomorrow to install a 300mb PTP backhaul for one of our existing clients.



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Mains Farm WigWams AirSpot wifi installation.

We’ve installed wifi for Hotels, Campsites, Caravan Parks, Housing Associations and can now add Wigwams to our growing list – Mains Farm Wigwams, on the outskirts of Thornhill  have opted to install wifi for their guests.

Using 3 AirSpot 1000 access points, the system will allow 100% site coverage at full N speeds while also allowing the connection of IP CCTV cameras over the same network.

Please visit Mains Farm Wigwams at http://www.mainsfarmwigwams.com/

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Ashbourne Camping and Caravan Club WiFi Install

Ashbourne Camping and Caravan Club will shortly be providing Free wifi at their park.  Utilising 2 AP261-8 the service will be free to all users of the site.  The wifi install was carried out by the owner, Gabriel , using the pre assembled cables we provided.

Ashbourne is the 6th Camping and Caravan Club Franchise site we provide access to – and has also taken the option to keep the WiFi Free.  To have wifi installed at your site please contact Candengo on 01953 880443 or email iwantwifi@candengo.com.


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Large scale wifi installation at Sunbeach, Caridgan Bay, Wales for Allens Caravans

Our 3rd Installation this week is at Sunbeach Caravan Park in the beautiful Cardigan Bay area of Wales.  If you’ve never headed out this way, it really does offer the most amazing views and scenery.

Anyhow, the installation needed to cover 100% of the 400+ pitches and due the slight slope and seafront conditions we opted to install 13 Mesh Access Points, and 2 Backhaul point to point link to provide multiple mesh egress and reduced hop count.  Rather than install pole mounts, we are utilising the existing street lamps with stand off brackets to install the access points and antennas.

The wifi access points are all fed back to our AirSpot system using an AirControll gateway solution which deals with all content filtering, client authentication, monitoring and logging.

Installation is expected to take around 4 days depending on the weather!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Allens Caravans for the hospitality shown us by all their sites as we carried out the installations – not to mention the excellent preparation of the mounting locations.

We’re heading off to Garreg Goch caravan park next for Coastdale Parks..


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The Springs,Nr. Pershore, Worcestershire installs Candengo Site Wide WiFi

Candengo have just finished installing site wide WiFi throughout this 100 acre site.  The wifi installation uses just 7 high power AirSpot 1000 single radio mesh hotspots and an Aircontroll gateway controller.

Mounting of the wifi access points was via 2 inch removable poles, with 16amp power connections, allowing for easy maintenance or upgrades – an excellent approach by Allens Caravans and something we will be advising future customers to consider.

The Springs is the ultimate in Luxury Holiday Homes. The green field development is designed around six lakes,  with every effort being made to preserve the wildlife and the tranquil setting. They have a members’ Clubhouse overlooking an 8 acre lake, with the rest of the lakes being used for private fishing. The hugely spacious grounds allow the opportunity to purchase a log cabin overlooking one of the many lakes at the Park.

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Allens Caravans, Weir Meadow AirSpot 1000 WiFi installation

Weir Meadow, A conveniently located Park in the centre of the market town of Evesham  has now added full WiFi coverage to to its impressive list of amenities.  The WiFi installation was carried out in 2 days, and provides full internet coverage to all pitches, both static and touring.

The free wifi access is restricted by a site password to stop the local neighbours piggy backing off the internet connection.  The 4 Access points are controlled by our AirControl gateway appliance which handles all bandwidth shaping, content filtering and logging – with full 24/7/365 monitoring with automated sms and email alerts handled by Candengo’s NOC at telehouse.

You can visit Allens Caravans website, and the Weir Meadow website here : http://www.allenscaravans.com/hire-and-touring-parks/findapark/weir-meadow




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Candengo OpenWiFi special promotions come to an end.

Over the last year, we’ve heard two regular comments from our customers.  One of those comments is regarding the ease of use of the service, the range of features and the exceptional, fanatical support we offer.

The second is with regards to price.  Whats the Catch?  How can you be so cheap?  We’ve even lost sales due to our pricing as customers can’t always believe our service works as the prices we have been quoting are way under those of our competitors.

The reason our pricing is such good value for money is that we are passionate about bringing great value WiFi access to the public – we feel WiFi should be as available as running water and electricity at Campsites and to do that, and we have been subsidising those customers that wish to provide the service to their customers.

Furthermore, as we own and operate our own network, we are able to set our own pricing structures.  However, to keep the solution at the forefront of WiFi services, and to allow us to upgrade and expand our network, feature sets we have taken the step of setting a new pricing structure for 2012.

As of 3rd January, we will be charging a monthly compliance, management and monitoring fee of £20.00 per site for a single hotspot, £35 for upto 5 HotSpots at a site and a capped fee of £50 per site for larger sites.

Gateway Controllers will start from a monthly fee of £30.00 depending on your concurrent users, ports required and support service.

Our basic 10 user OpenWiFi solution will still be available for £249.99 with no monthly fees, however, it will be limited to 10 users.

Volume discounts are available, as is special pricing for registered charities, multi site rollouts etc – please contact us for details.







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2011 Christmas Opening Hours

This last year has been very, very busy for us – so much so that in order to meet our clients installation deadlines we cancelled all staff holiday over the summer holidays.

Taking this into consideration, we have decided to shut the office  on Friday 16th December , re-opening on the 4th January 2012.  During this period we will be operating our support services as normal – simply email your issues to support@candengo.com and our on-call engineer will respond promptly.

We’ll also be checking our voicemails regularly, but support@candengo.com is the only way to get a rapid reply.

We would like to thank you all, customers and competitors for making 2011 such a great year for us.



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