AP350 WiFi HotSpot

The AP350 is an internal version of the AP261.  Ideal for Bars, Hotels, Conference Rooms or anywhere that needs to cover a larger area or support more users than the AP165 offers.

Technical details:

  • 600mw High Power WiFi Output
  • Meshing Solution, additional units automatically sync up
  • 12V power supply.  Supports 802.af Power Over Ethernet
  • TNC Antenna connectors for external Antenna solutions
  • 5db Diversity Antennas included
  • Support up to 50 concurrent users.
  • Meshes with AP261 to cover indoor areas on larger sites.

Legal Compliance:

The Candengo WiFi firmware that runs on this WiFi HotSpot is compliant with all UK and European laws regarding the provision of WiFi and Data Retention.  There may be a monthly compliance charges with this unit depending upon your venue requirements.


Order AP350 WiFi HotSpot AP350 WiFi HotSpot @ £249.99

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