Candengo launches Airmesh self installing and configuring Mesh Network for Holiday Parks and Hotels

There are two ways to run a business:

1) Do it right first time, resulting in good word of mouth reviews, and hence more sales.
2) Do it wrong, and keep billing the same clients for ‘fixing’ the network.

We subscribe to the first method, but that does not mean equipment never goes wrong.

In order to simplify replacement of damaged or broken units and to speed up configuration on new installation we have developed AirMesh.  Our range of AirMesh equipment automatically looks around it for other Airmesh Nodes, and asks them for configuration options.  Once it has a route to the internet, it will check in with our servers and download a full configuration file and set itself up.  As that cheeky Meerkat would say, SIMPLES!

Clearly, the less time we spend onsite setting up your network means less spend for you.  Same with repairs – we can simply send you a spare unit which you swap over , no nasty surprises with engineers call out rates.

Airmesh is only available from Candengo, the installer of choice for your Leisure and Hospitality guest wifi solutions.


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