Candengo providing short notice WiFi at Norfolk Spectacular 2011

Candengo were approached to provide some Point to Point WiFi Backhaul services at the forthcoming Norfolk Spectacular event just up the road from us.  Due to the size of the Norfolk Showground, getting broadband services where you need them is no simple task.

We’ll be using a Mesh backhaul due to the possibility of LOS obstructions to ensure that theres multiple routes back to the gateway for our client – as its imperative that they have broadband for the Kiss Kube.

We are hoping to be have an infrastructure in partnership with the Norfolk Showground to allow future WiFi provision to be simplified and rolled out to all exhibitors in the not too distant future.

Our thanks to Norfolk Showground for allowing us to install ADSL on an existing line due to the tight timescales we are working to.  Check out the Norfolk Spectacular at


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