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Why your ISP won’t help you if your customers download illegal or copyrighted material.

Many WiFi HotSpot companies are stating that your ISP will do all the necessary logging to keep your system compliant – which is part true.  They WILL log all your traffic, and pass that information onto law enforcement agencies and … Continue reading

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You ask, we listen. Receive your traffic reports in a monthly email.

Following requests from our customers, we have implemented the ability to you have monthly usage reports emailed automatically at the end of the month.  These are not the sales reports, but the actual Syslog traffic which you will need in … Continue reading

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Does the Digital Economy Bill effect your holiday home WiFi?

Are you offering free or paid WiFi in your holiday home or hotel?  Do you know what your customers are downloading, are you keeping adequate log files, and user records?  If not, you could be at risk from the Goverment’s … Continue reading

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