Free installation of your OpenWiFi HotSpots

Our OpenWiFi HotSpots are very simply to install – simply take it out of the box and plug it in – easy peasy.  What’s not so easy is determining how many you need to provide a good coverage over your venue.

Over the last week, we’ve installed OpenWiFi at hotels in Heathrow and Manchester – covering in excess of 120 rooms.  The hardest part is knowing where to put the units and how to get power to them.

Which is why we have decided to offer free installation to venues that will require 3 or more units. We’ll come over, work out how many units you need, select the best antenna and install the nodes for you – right then and there.   We carry a complete selection of medium and high power nodes, discreet smoke alarm type units, antennas – whatever you need, we’ll have it with us to ensure your install goes smoothly.

To discuss your WiFi requirements, give David Riches a call on 01953 880 433.

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