Free Installations (yet again) – Why getting your WiFi installed for free is a bad idea.

A few times this month (May 2011) we’ve bumped into sites who have had a free installation of WiFi  by Caravan Connect.

It works like this , they perform a free installation, and they set the rates that the wifi is sold out, and keep the revenue generated.

Sounds great eh?  Well, its not quite so simple when you look into it.

Firstly, you should really consider offering your WiFi to your customers for free.

A happy camper is a ambassador of your camp site.  If you have free WiFi, your customers will tell other people.  They will leave you good reviews.  They will come back again.  Repeat visits, and word of mouth referrals are what its all about.

If you can’t provide it for free, at least set your own tariffs.

£5 for one days access, £15 for a week?  Might work at some sites,but each sight is different.  Overcharging for your WiFi is likely to lead to negative reviews on sites, rants in forums and your site losing business.  The average campsite could generate £4,000 ( we have a site that makes £50,000 per year in WiFi Sales, leaving you quids in even after paying for your installation.  Free installation in return for losing your profits ?  Not the best business decision.

Don’t promote someones elses WiFi, Promote your Business.

Login screens, Welcome screens, Redirection screens.  Lots of screens where you can tell your visitors about your site, advertise local business and services and promote attractions.  free installation offers by other companies don’t give you this freedom.

Free Installation is a Flawed Business Models.

Just look at Park and Marine (gone bust) , Wicoms deal with the Camping and Caravanning Club (bought out) – its a flawed business model.  The Camping and Caravanning club now charge just £2 per day for WiFi – making your free Caravan Connect box exceedingly bad value for money for your customers.  free installation – what will it cost you?

To find out how you can offer free wifi to your customers, or at the very least, set your own rates please contact Candengo on 01953 880 433.  Say no to free installation!




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