From You to Me – Or, 10 Things about us that help YOU.

Guerrilla Marketing , it great although I do confess we were a little worried at first about some of the tactics until my PA pointed out I had the Guerrilla Warfare book open.  For once, we’re going to sing our praises and tell you why YOU NEED US and not anyone else.

1. We know IT and Networks, with over 16 years working on high end, mission critical systems such as the first Mars Space Walk and Invisible Milk.

2. We have ran our own businesses since early 2000 – and sold 2 of them to much larger companies as they were just too good!

3. We don’t sleep.  When we go home at nights, which we sometimes do, we sit on the sofa, laptops on our laps, and continue our passion for WiFi and Networks.

4. We want you and your business to succeed – very much so.  After all, poor customers won’t and don’t put dogfood on the table.

5. We love where we live and work – East Anglia. Sometimes we go outside and hug a tree and just thank jebus* for it all.

6. We are passionate about WiFi.  We believe in it so much we can actually see radio waves with our naked eyes.

7. We know our onions.  In over 10 years of providing customer facing services we’ve never had a seconds downtime – or served someone the wrong onions.

8. We’re very friendly, but sometimes a little bit shy which is why we don’t try and bombard you with relentless sales calls.

9. We are more than a supplier, we’re here to help and advise you how to get the most from your business.

10. We like making new friends – i’ve cleaned my shoes and had my hair cut so now is a great time to give us a call on 01953 880433 and ask us about our Candengo HotSpots.

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