Garreg Goch Caravan Park switches to Candengo OpenWiFi solution for FREE wifi access

Candengo have just finished a wifi install for Garreg Goch caravan park – but this one had a twist.  WiFi was already available on site, however, the support the site received, coupled with the intermittent and poor coverage caused problems, so it was time to rip it out and replace it.

Our first order of the day was to carry out a full site survey using our survey mapping software, to map out and display a heat map of the current wifi installation, the results of which were a real eye opener – hardly any of the site had a signal below -70db, which was why connections were flaky.  Furthermore, there was extensive areas with a signal below -80db which effectively results in no connection.

Now we had a benchmark, we retired the existing single access point (dual 8db omnis) and replaced with a cluster of 3 10db sector based access points, running on channels 2,7,12 (due to the neighbouring site using 1,6,11).

Why 3 separate channels and not just one? Well, we wanted to reduce any self induced interference and the close proximity of the access points to each other would of caused problems.

These were wired back to a Candengo AirController Internet gateway which handles the client logins, logging,content filtering – it also polls the access points every 10 minutes and raises alerts (sms and email) should an error occur.

Installation took around 5 hours, and the final site survey of the day showed signals covering every inch of the park,with no signal dropping below -63db.  Full Audit reports were sent to the client showing before and after results.

To get a well installed, fast, reliable and supported wifi solution for your site please get in touch with Candengo on 01953 880 433.

We’ve been on the road now for just over 2 weeks, this being the 4th site on our epic wifi installation roadtrip.  We’re off to Kennexstone, Gower tomorrow to install a 300mb PTP backhaul for one of our existing clients.



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