Following a call from a manager who had an excellent hotel, but was let down by frequent comments on the poor wifi, we were commissioned to install Guest WiFi services into a Hyde Park hotel.  The hotel consisted of 4 Victorian buildings knocked into one, and suffered from very thick walls, which the manager believed was the cause of the problem.

Our survey highlighted the real problem though – poor quality.   Cheap tp-link equipment, Linksys ‘WR53g’ Hotspots, a mix of WDS standards, Layer2 Network loops.   Avg Ping response to google servers was 1400ms.

Ripping out the 7 mix and match units, we installed 12 AP300 300MB Dual Chain N class AirSpot access points, running new cables in the risers to ensure each floor had wired connectivity.  The network was further broken down into 3 separate sections to utilise the 3 available ADSL connections:  We would of prefered to use a load balancer and keep the network whole, but cabling issues prevented this.

So far, less that 24 hours after the installation, over 40 users have signed up for the WiFi, with circa 14 online at any one stage.  Average response on google servers, with users online was 44ms.

Installing WiFi solutions is not something to leave to your IT company, its hard to do it properly which is why there are so few dedicated WiFi installations companies.  Whilst other companies need to try and sell ADSL lines, Phone Lines and call tariffs to top up their business, Candengo provides nothing but reliable WiFi solutions.



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