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Hotel WiFi installation for Hyde Park Hotel

Following a call from a manager who had an excellent hotel, but was let down by frequent comments on the poor wifi, we were commissioned to install Guest WiFi services into a Hyde Park hotel.  The hotel consisted of 4 Victorian buildings knocked into one, and suffered from very thick walls, which the manager believed

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Are you paying too much for your WiFi Provision?

Time’s are tight, there’s no doubt about that.  Smart businesses are taking the time to review contracts, to see where savings can be made and WiFi Provision is certainly an area where you could be paying too much. Does your WiFi Provider include broadband provision in their package? Many WiFi solution providers sell you a

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Free installation of your OpenWiFi HotSpots

Our OpenWiFi HotSpots are very simply to install – simply take it out of the box and plug it in – easy peasy.  What’s not so easy is determining how many you need to provide a good coverage over your venue. Over the last week, we’ve installed OpenWiFi at hotels in Heathrow and Manchester –

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