Installing WiFi in Wooded, Forested and rural Campsites.

We’ve just come come back from a site visit (or maybe it was ages ago – depends when you read this).  It was a special site visit though, as we had been told by the venue owner that another ‘wifi’ company had advised that they couldn’t have wifi because of the trees.

Granted, there were lots of tree’s, and for your average WiFi company it was probably more than they could cope with.  But Candengo are not your average WiFi company.  No sir, we’re not.

It will cost more to cover a densely wooded site as we will need to install more units than normal to create a resilient mesh and your electrician will need to install a few extra power sockets.  Mountings can also pose a problem, but nothing that cannot be overcome by a good site survey.

Whether we acquire the business remains to be seen, but from a technical point of view its no more troublesome to install WiFi in a wooded area than it is so transmit it 6miles over a long distance link.

So, if you’ve been told that WiFi is not an option at your site, don’t despair.  Call Candengo on 01953 880 433 and we’ll give you a second opinion.


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