Is your venue and WiFi ready for the 2012 Olympics?

Norfolk is all set to play its part when the Olympic Games come to Great Britain. In addition to boasting several talented youngsters with an eye on 2012, several of the county’s sporting venues are to get involved.

That is great news for the counties holiday camps, B&Bs and Hotels.  Lots of visitors – both tourists and workers staying in local accommodation will bring in much needed revenue.

But is your venue WiFi ready for the Olympics?  Reporters, Journalists, Photographers, News writers will all require secure, high speed internet WiFi connections that lets them complete their work with ease.  Tourists will be uploading pictures to friends and family, social networking sites will be updated regularly.

This is just one more reason why you need to install or upgrade to a Candengo Wireless HotSpot.  Safe, secure, reliable and affordable.  Need we say more?

Give David Riches a call on 01953 880433 and ask him any questions you may have, and then order a fantastic Candengo WiFi Hotspot for your venue.  Don’t leave it too long as accommodation bookings are already being sourced and WiFi availability is high up on most peoples agenda.

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