AP11N WiFi HotSpot

As a special promotion, we are offering 250 AP11n High Powered WiFi HotSpots to our customer for just £35.00 initial payment and then just £10 per month on a 2 year contract.

Idea for B&Bs, Pubs, Coffee Shops, Cake Shops, Car Showrooms, Dentists, Doctors, Candle Stick Makers, Libraries, Garages – in fact, anywhere where you want to provide your customers with free or paid wifi access.

Technical Details:

  • 600mw High Power WiFi HotSpot
  • Expandable with wired repeater units
  • Supports upto 30 concurrent users
  • 802.11n -N Powered WiFi – the best available
  • Wired and wireless clients supported
  • No setup, plug in and go
  • Limited to just 250 user on this promotion

Legal Compliance:

The Candengo WiFi firmware that runs on this WiFi HotSpot is compliant with all UK and European laws regarding the provision of WiFi and Data Retention.

Monthly Fee

A monthly fee of £10 , for 24 months is required under this offer. Payment is to be taken monthly in arrears by debit/credit card.  If you are choosing to sell wifi access then our charges are either £10 or 25% of the collected revenue (whichever is the greater)  We will handle all online processing and payment merchant compliance.


Order AP11N WiFi HotSpot AP11N WiFi HotSpot @ £35.00

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