Overcome interefence problems with multiple AP’s using Candengo IntelliFi automatic adjustment

When installing WiFi in your venue, more units does not always equate to better coverage.  Overlapping WiFi signals from different units can swamp and confuse the radios in the client devices, and each HotSpot Access Point can actually interfere with its neighbouring unit when trying to send and receive.

Up until now you needed dedicated WLAN controller which could cost upto £6000 to overcome this issue, but now our OpenWiFi and AirSpot WiFi HotSpots feature this technology built in.

In use, each Candengo OpenWiFi HotSpot or Candengo AirSpot WiFi Hotspot sends back details of all connected access points and their wireless signal strength to our monitoring system which applies some fancy mathematics and adjusts the power output levels to ensure optimum connectivity.

This is just another example of Candengo listing to our customers feedback, and doing something about it.  We don’t resell or use off the shelf systems like other companies, we write, develop, test, live and breath WiFi.

To find out more about the range of Candengo Wireless networking solutions give David Riches a call on 01953 880433.

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