Candengo wireless hotspots and gateways are the ideal solution when looking to provide guest wifi to retail customers.  Our fully branded, simply to use retail wifi service offers multiple access methods, and fully embraces social media integration allowing you to reach an unparalleled online audience all whilst gather advanced analytics that can provide :

  • Age and Gender of your customers
  • Dwell time in your stores
  • Who often customers return
  • Device and Operating system reports

In addition, the social connectors provide:

  • Automatic Facebook likes of your Facebook page when customers sign in with Facebook
  • Automatic twitter followers when signing in with Twitter
  • Automated tweets and status updates delivered to customers walls.
  • Location creation in Facebook and Foursquare when creating your hotspot

What the fuss with Social Media Integration?

When a user signs in with a social media, the system automatically places a post onto their timeline.  A nice bit of advertising for sure, but not that impressive you think?  Read on…

The average facebook user has 190 friends.  When a user logs onto your wifi, the message you stipulate is posted to the customer, plus 190 of their friends – along with links back to your website, a special offer or loyalty scheme.

Take a retail customer we have that has had 29,000 registered users in the last year – thats converted to 29,000 x 190 = 551,000 facebook impressions , and 290000 facebook likes.  Thats a lot of advertising!

Get in touch with Airangel on the number below, and ask for Ash Hill to explain all the benefits of the most advanced, feature rich Social WiFI platform on the face of the earth.



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