Support your favourite charity with Candengo OpenWiFi and Airspot

Nipping into London for a meeting is no longer possible, it’s now a logistical nightmare now we’ve moved to Norfolk!  A Meeting at 11:30am today meant a drive down to Hertfordshire at 20:00 hrs last night just to save over £75 on the cost of a train ticket!  But it did give me time to think.

Anyhow, whilst sitting on the train, reading the very sad article about Lilly MacGlashan ( it got me thinking.  All of our registration and log on screens have some white space on them, so why not allow our HotSpot owners to support their favorite charities with a direct link to their website.  Maybe your customers will donate a little to them for the use of the free WiFi and it will certainly raise awareness which can only be a good thing

It’s not much work for us to introduce, just a simple change on the management portal and a few firewall rules to allow access to the charity website prior to authentication, so we’re going to do it.  Tomorrow (28th Jan)

To find out how your Free WiFi service really can make the world a better place, give David Riches a call on 01953 880433.

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