Welsh Assembly broadband grants available for those in broadband Notspots

The Welsh Assembly Government have just announced a £2m support project for residents & businesses in Wales who are presently living in a “Not-Spot” and are not able to receive traditional broadband services.

Under the Scheme the customers will be able to claim back the initial set up cost – i.e. the hardware and installation costs up to a maximum value of £1000.00

You will need to apply to the Welsh Assembly and the Scheme is on a first come first served basis. Providing you meet the necessary criteria, then you will receive the grant for the set up fees.

Under this Scheme the ongoing monthly service costs are not covered, however  installation fees can be preloaded to take this into account.

Do You Qualify

To qualify for the grant offered by the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG)  there are just 2 basic requirements:

  1. You must be an individual, or business located in Wales
  2. Either have no broadband, or a broadband speed of less than 512Kbs

Download the application form here: Application Form

High Speed Rural Systems

Rather than apply for the grant as individuals, you should apply for the grant as a community, as it allows a larger grant to install Super Fast WiFi up to 150MB as opposed to the measly 3.6MB available with Satellite based technology.

Candengo are a specialist WiFi installation company, able to bring high speed internet access to the remotest of locations using high speed, wireless meshing protocols.  Nothing is too remote.

To find out how Candengo can turn your NotSpot into a WiFi HotSpot, give David Riches a call on 01953 880433 or email us at wifi@candengo.com

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