Why Hotels need content filtering and a compliant WiFi system

Content Filtering for WiFi HotSpots

We’ve just come back from a fantastic weekend break at a 5 star Holiday venue in Norfolk which offered WiFi at several locations around the site.  What they didn’t have though was a legally compliant system which supported content filtering, and as a parent, that caused me some concern.

In this day and age, its not uncommon for children and under 18′s to have wifi enabled devices such as telephone, ipod touches and the like.  My nieces and children were happy to be using their ipod touches when the bingo etc was on, but I was less happy when they quite innocently googled something and was shown hardcore porn.

Ok.  So the site didn’t have content filtering, we can deal with that and my sales manager has been tasked with contacting the site to offer our services.  But we won’t be always on hand to check your content filtering, and legal compliance – so stay one step ahead of your customers and give us a call for a free WiFi health check.

As a further reason to make sure your wifi is legally compliant and has content filtering take a look at these search terms that have hit our website recently:

  • if i download illegal content in hotel can i be traced
  • do hotels track my downloads as ive downloaded something naughty
  • how to hack hotel wifi
  • hacking wifi in hotels
  • bypassing content filtering at hotels

the above searches were all carried out over the end of May bank holiday, by customer – possibly staying in your hotel trying to either hack or bypass your content filtering.   Don’t let them land you with a hefty fine, a criminal record or a suspended broadband line.

Call Candengo on 01953 880433 for a free WiFi health check or to discuss content filtering and legal compliance.




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