You need to offer your customers WiFi – FACT.

Free WiFi or Paid WiFi, as long as it works, is value for money and has good reach then your customers will be happy.  Get it wrong, and this happens:

The following are all real reviews taken from the internet, links to original article included:

“Great for a short break, but don’t bother about the wifi, rip off!”

I paid £10.00 for a day, you get a scratch card with the code, to log on with, then it askes for a user name & password which you have to ring the helpline for, at mega expence, at this point I asked for my money back.

I was unable to get on the free wifi advertised.

Poor points: WiFi does not work. Admission from staff that its not great and advised by reception that Newquay (6 miles away mind) has internet cafes after I told them I had important business emails to send that morning. Which is what I ended up having to do in the end.

Would’nt you rather have reviews like this:

Free wifi was really good- it was a nice touch.

Lovely living space, plenty of room for 6 people, log fire and a few mod cons like surround sound and free wifi.

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