WiFi for Shopping Centres, Malls and Retail Parks.

Did you realise that most internet activity at WiFi HotSpots is now carried out on mobile devices such as iPod, iPads, Iphones, smart phones and blackberry’s?

Thats great news for high footfall areas like shopping centres, malls and retails parks as it gives you an amazing medium to interact with your customer.  A means to promote special offers, opening times, customer information bulletins.  A way to capture user demographics such as age, sex and email addresses to manage your marketing campaigns.

Free WiFi in a shopping centre, food court or play areas can bring customers into your venue, can keep them there longer and ultimately, entice them to spend more money.

Not only can you engage with your customers though, you can provide WiFi Broadband services to your tenants and staff over a secure WiFi network.

Candengo are experts at providing large scale, reliable and resilient WiFi networks be it for a shopping centre, high street or retail park. Find out how WiFi could help your shopping centre by calling Candengo on 01953 880433.

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