About Candengo

Candengo – The WiFi Company

There are loads of WiFi Hotspot providers around, but we’re not all the same.  Here’s a few ways we differentiate ourselves from other WiFi Companies:

Set your own Tariffs

Most providers think that all venues are the same, they set the tariffs you must charge without realising that every location is different.  Some venues may be able to charge £25.00 for 1 week’s WiFi access, where as some of the smaller sites may be happier to charge £15.00.

We allow you to set your own tariffs and duration, allowing you to sell more and keep your customers happy.

Revenue share

Whilst the HotSpot may be located on your site or at your venue, once a customer connects to it we take over all the hard work.  We provide the backend solution that allows the customers to purchase access, we provide the vouchers, firewalling, logging, monitoring and support, and for that we take a percentage of the revenue generated.

Many providers, such as Yettyspot, run by Wicoms take as much as 70% of the revenue you generate!  We don’t – from day one you get to keep 75% of the profit.

Voucher Access

Want to sell vouchers to allow access to the internet (customers can purchase online, but not all want to)?  Most providers, if not all, will make you purchase the vouchers upfront, and you recoup the cost once you sell them on.

That doesn’t seem fair to us, so we provide you with the vouchers, and only charge you for them once they are activated by the customer.

Increased Coverage

To increase the coverage at your venue, you can simply purchase an additional Candengo HotSpot and place it where you want (they all talk to each other) building a secure, self healing mesh.  Which means you can provide blanket coverage at your venue as opposed to a few ‘Spots’ of access – more coverage equates to more revenue for you.

Think all WiFi HotSpot providers are the same?  Think again, and give the WiFi Company a call on 01925 611 061.

About Candengo – The WiFi Company

Candengo Limited are a dedicated wifi company providing  connectivity solutions to the leisure and marine industries. We specialise in providing, installing and maintaining secure and flexible infrastructure for internet connectivity and security applications in caravan parks, camping grounds and marinas.

Our strategy is based on a simple belief; wireless networks are the next evolving technology, not only for the internet, but for business communication as well, connecting all kinds of people to all kinds of information, voice communication and video, regardless of where they are.

Call Candengo, The WiFi Company on 01925 611 061.