Equine WiFi Solutions

Most people don’t think of WiFi when thinking of horses, but it is the ideal medium to cover large areas such as stud farms and paddocks with secure services.  From simply browsing the internet or making a phone call from your mobile cabins, to watching your horses on CCTV via the internet.

Foaling Cameras

Your foals are important to you! From birth to weaning and beyond, foals need almost constant monitoring. You want your foals to stay safe and healthy, and that means keeping an eye on them. But who wants to make those constant trips to the barn to check on them…especially in the middle of the night?

Now you can easily see your foals or foaling mares anytime, from anywhere, with a FoalCam solution from Breckland WiFi. You can monitor your foals in the comfort of your own home or office, or anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Camera systems are available for all types of barns, including those with metal siding or roofs and distance is no object – we are specialists in WiFi and can install systems spanning miles.

Stables / Office

If you need provided WiFi services, such as telephone solutions, internet access, email and CCTV to stables and offices, then this is something we can also help with.  We are able to provide blanket coverage covering acres of land, if required, to ensure that services get where they are required.  In addition to the FoalingCam, we are able to install CCTV to areas where it was simply not possible using wired solutions.  Keep an eye on Paddocks etc from litteraly miles away.

Eqine Events.

Providing a WiFi infrastucture at your events allows ticketing systems, PDQ’s, cash registers, telephone and video feeds to be distributed around your event.  You are also able to sell bandwidth and internet access to customers and clients to allow them to check their email, upload photos and update facebook etc – now you can earn an additional revenue stream from your events.

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