Marina WiFi Solutions

Marina WiFi Solutions

Recent market research shows that approaching 60% of people who own a boat and moor it at a marina are likely to be company owners, successful business people, executives or professionals. These people are more likely to require a Marina WiFi solution to enable them to stay in touch with their staff and business contacts.

Installing a large scale marina WiFi network poses it own problems due to the extreme weather conditions that can be seen at such sites, along with logistical issues such as power distribution.

Candengo can install solar powered systems, double cased weatherproof access points, and antennas and even off shore buoy based mesh repeaters to ensure you can provide full marina WiFi coverage at your venue at maximum speeds and levels of reliability.

We can also provide IP based wireless security cameras which work with your marina wifi  network to help you monitor remote and difficult to reach areas of your marina. You can then monitor, manage and record these cameras from any location on the network and all of this can be achieved without laying an expensive, cable based infrastructure.

If you are interested in finding out more about the marina wifi solutions we offer, then please contact us on 01925 611 061.

Candengo – Marina WiFi Solutions.

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