Meet the Staff

Have too much time on your hands and want to know who’s who here at Candengo?

David Riches
David, our 38 year old Managing Director is somewhat of a dotcom hero, having been responsible for one of the fastest growing self service audio conferencing solutions within the UK -with an impressive portfolio of blue chip customers.  Then there was the worlds largest fax broadcasting solution proving the bulk of UK, USA and Australia’s fax broadcast solutions.  Oh, did we mention the Voice Blast platform used by the US Senate.  Yes, it can be said David is a bit of an Entrepreneur.


Tracey Riches
Tracey is a wonder in her own right – not just for putting up with her workaholic husband!  An experienced PA, with a background in the financial services sector, Tracey makes the office work – like magic.  Things get done, stuff becomes unlost, coffee gets made.


Louise Wilson
Louise joined Candengo in May 2011 as our Sales Manager.  She’s the one who makes all the calls, chases David to get quotes out and promotes our business to those who say ‘We don’t need no wifi at our site!’.

Chris Scott
Like David, Chris shares a background in Telecoms and Networking and is responsible for bandwidth capacity planning, content monitoring, firewalling, firmware flashing – all the nitty gritty magic that squeezed into our WiFi HotSpots.



James Talbot
What can we say about James?  Not a lot really, he really is a man of mystery – some say that if he stops moving the moon will fall to earth.  All we know is that he is our resident Marketing specialist.

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