Looking to add WiFi Services to your Conference,Business,Farm, Event or Stables?

In today’s world, it is increasingly crucial that organisations and people can move around and adapt quickly and efficiently. Communication with the outside world is now a vital part of our daily lives. Mobile phones, PDAs and Laptops are all part of our daily diet and the ability to hook up to the internet is something that we are increasingly taking for granted.

Wireless Networks can provide many benefits and advantages over traditional wired networks, for instance users can access the internet without looking for a place to plug in simply by having the available technology and paying the appropriate fee.

The advantages are many, but pretty much boil down into three basic points. First of all, wireless means just that. The aesthetics of your buildings aren’t disturbed by wires being run in high profile, public areas. Secondly wireless can provide connectivity in awkward, remote and outlying areas, as well as places that are difficult or unfeasible to wire, such as caravan parks, camping sites or marinas. On top of that, Wireless Networks are generally cheaper and easier to deploy than their wired counterparts.

So, taking the example of a caravan park, camping site or marina, you can begin to see how a Wireless Network can help to deliver tangible benefits to the business.

  • Your customers get additional services that they are beginning to almost take for granted. You improve existing customer loyalty and wireless may help to attract new customers too.
  • Additional revenue streams from deploying this type of technology, for your business.
  • The cost of providing this service is minimised by using state-of-the-art technology. Wireless allows the network to go where wire cannot.
  • Installation speed and simplicity – installing a wireless network can be fast and easy and can eliminate the need to pull expensive cable through walls, ceilings and all over your site. Wireless eliminates the need for complex cabling and construction, and installation can take place without taking anything ‘off-line’, ensuring minimum disruption.
  • Other services can be added on at a later date such as IP Telephony or IP based security systems, helping to meet the changing demands of your market place.
  • Scalability – Wireless networks can be configured in a variety of different ways to meet the changing needs of your site. Configurations are easily changed and range from networks suitable for a small number of users to thousands of users, enabling roaming over a broad area.
  • Cost of ownership can be significantly lower with wireless when compared to wired.