Vehicle WiFi

In Vehicle WiFi is all the buzz at the moment, but step back a bit and you will see that doing it right is no easy task.  You still need to comply with all the UK and European legislation with regards to legal compliance and logging, but you don’t want to ramp up exorbitant data charges with all the legal intercept data that must be stored for 1 year.  You still need to make sure that multiple guests connected to the same hotspot cannot access each others devices, and you need to make sure that the driver is not swamped with questions on how it works or how to get it working.

Which is why Candengo have their own range of mobile wifi equipment, supporting all of the features of Caprica, our online management tool but with the flexibility of working with a mobile 3g signal – 2 in fact, as we support multiple SIM for 3G fail-over.

All our systems work from standard 12v or 24v systems, are self contained and easy to fit (we even have units that simply plug into the cigarette lighter socket). We have mobile technicians that can install at your site, or you can visit our workshop.  Candengo make it easy to provide your customers a safe, legally complaint WiFi service whilst providing you with the tools to capture marketing information, gain twitter and Facebook followers and increase your brand exposure.

Contact Candengo on 01925 611 061 for more details.

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